Sarah Blaze Photography

I am a luxury wedding photographer based in Dallas, Texas specializing in romantic and glowing imagery. I am so honored to serve couples around the world who prioritize fun, vibrant, and joy filled celebrations. 

My shooting style is a combination of classic portraiture and natural movement. I guarantee to always lightly direct everyone in front of my camera, guiding you into poses with constant direction to allow you to fall into a natural rhythm. 

You outdid yourself!!!!! I screamed so loud when I got these I didn’t know I would get them so soon!! You are beyond the best, seriously! All I can say is WOW! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for capturing our special day! We love you and we thank you!!!!!! 


2023 Bride

These photos are absolutely amazing!!!!! I am crying at work at the moment ahhh! Thank you for working your MAGIC! You were a joy to work with. Choosing you to be our photographer was the best decision we made!! Thank you thank you for capturing this dreamy day


2022 Bride


Sarah Blaze

Hello hello! I’m Sarah, but please feel free to call me Blaze.

When I try to come up with an answer for ‘why I became a photographer’, part of me thinks this may feed my desire to be a stand up comedian just without the severe stage fright. This is a stretch, but in all seriousness, I love connecting with people. I love the rush of a wedding day. I love how no one is in one spot for too long. I love watching people live out core memories. I love everything about photography. AND I love that you are here, and I am honored you are care enough to get to know a little about me! 

So, my background? I am a proud Dallasite, and was born and raised in the Park Cities. I started on 35mm black and white film back in high school, and while I loved it, I thought engineering was my future. When I first started at Auburn University, I was on the chemical engineering track for a full month before I quickly realized that was not my calling. Obviously, I switched to something much more reasonable – yes, you guessed it, Finance. Nevertheless, I did graduate with that degree in finance, and during those 4 years I questioned those late night studies. I never felt connected to the major, but I knew it could be useful, and it was. Especially when everyone in the business school all the sudden needed someone to take a LinkedIn headshot. Before I knew it, that spiraled into where I am today. While I may not have a photography degree from an arts school, I feel like I can now comfortably assume I’m not too shabby with a camera. 

I am now almost 5 years in the wedding industry and the time has flown by. Given, with the global pandemic changing almost everything about the wedding industry, it has not lessened the spark I feel on a wedding weekend. The past five years have taught me to be flexible. They taught me to communicate with brides and grooms who booked me to ensure their wild changes were met. It taught me each wedding comes with beautiful challenges. While some challenges may be more extreme than others, it keeps me on my toes and there is truly no rush like a wedding day and that is where I have found my joy.